Kodo Kutki Restaurant in Kanha National Park Area

Kanha Eco Village Kanha Eco Lodge Resort in Kanga National Park Multi Cuisines

Kodo Kutki, our restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Ethnic cuisines to delight your taste buds. Kodo is a formal restaurant with sitting on tables and chairs and Kutki with Charpoys, gives a feeling of a roadside eatery. We have separate kitchens for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food and can also serve Jain food. Ours is the only pure vegetarian restaurant in Kanha where you can be sure of getting food as per your taste.

The construction is ethnic, local style but the ambience is romantic and full of dining comforts. In between is an open courtyard for the fireplace and hosts tribal dances and local music as you munch. The two kitchens are separate and so are the serving accessories, cooking utensils for veg. and non-veg. food. The cuisine is varied continental and Indian with a local touch. Self cooking facility is available. 

The restaurant sources most of the ingredients from local sources to give you an authentic taste of native delicacies.